Tuesday, 3 May 2016

12 AMU students suspended for campus violence

According to an office memo by Proctor, Mohammad Mohsin Khan, the twelve students are Faheem Akhtar, Mohammad Zoraiz, Shahzaman Khan alias Shaikhu (all PhD students), Mohsin Iqbal and Mohammad Amir Khan alias Chaudhary (both MA), Amir Khan (M.Com), Mohammad Sadiq (BE-Civil), Azhar Amani Vazir (BSW), Mohammad Sohaib and Mohammad Amir Khan (both B.Com) and Mohammad Khalid Ali and Zaidul Islam Sherwani (both BALLB) have been placed under suspension, with immediate effect, pending enquiry, for committing acts of gross misconduct and indiscipline.
The AMU campus and its maintained institutions have also been placed out of bounds for them.
These students, along with their more than 150 companions, including some suspended, rusticated, former students and anti-social elements, were allegedly involved in incidents of firing and arson at the proctor’s Office, in the intervening night of April 23/24. They are also accused of setting on fire the offices of the proctor and the dean, student welfare and the University Guest House no 2, destroying the CCTV camera of the VC Lodge, and creating an atmosphere of tension on the campus by using illegal fire arms.
The proctor has urged the provosts of the hostels where the above suspended students are presently residing, to ensure that their rooms are vacated immediately.